Janie's story - Personalized Fury's Happiness


This is Janie's touching story: "Neal and I gave Courtney Milam and Sean Williams their memorial gift for our first born grandpuppy Beebox. Beebox was almost eleven years old when he crossed the rainbow bridge on October 1st 2021. Beebox has been with us since he was six weeks old. He was our first grand puppy and only grand puppy who got to walk,sit and stand on our kitchen table. He loved climbing fences, eating pup cups frozen custard from Culver’s. He loved acting like he was a true Beagle at times fetching, barking and howling and other times he liked to think he was full blooded boxer by licking us to death. Beebox went through eleven years of heartache, pain, and joy with Courtney. He was her everything and the apple of mine and Neal’s eye. He loved helping the Hillview, Zoneton Fire, EMS and police departments with their sirens. When their sirens would sound Beebox would howl! We will miss Beebox with everything in our hearts and minds but we also know how he got our daughter through her most hardest and happiest times. He was with her every step of the way until he got just simply exhausted and ill We love you all Courtney, Sean Williams, Eastyn, Maxwell and Josephine! Zoneton Fire Protection District @personalized-fury."